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From The SV Lunacy

From The SV Lunacy

Welcome to the new blog and welcome to paradise... 

So Cash and I recently returned from our sixth trip to The British Virgin Islands.  As travel lovers, we constantly make these grand plans about new exciting places we'll visit -- Europe, Asia, Antarctica -- and yet we continually find ourselves back in BVI almost every time we go on vacation.  I'm not complaining about this... just observing.  Every time we find ourselves in BVI, I also find myself with a cocktail in my hand having an afternoon nap under a palm tree.  Again, not complaining... just observing.

So why return to the same place over and over?

Because it's not just paradise... it's started to feel like home.

This trip was a special experience, because it was the 5 year anniversary of our wedding on the beach  in Virgin Gorda, BVI.  We decided to expand our usual land-based experience to include two nights on a private boat -- The Lunacy -- with our new friends Steve and Janet.

Having previously only seen BVI from either land, or a large ferry boat, I can happily report that I am now in love with the small boat experience.  To see and photograph the islands from that vantage point is a remarkable thing.  The perspective gives a whole new flavor to my photos... well the perspective and the bottle of Makers Mark that sat by my side for most of the journey.  

The proximity of the water in the foreground, the rolling movement, the feeling of the wind on your face and the sun on your skin, and the aromas of pineapple wafting up from the galley combined into a perfect storm of photographic inspiration.  Add to that the timeless experience of photographing through an antique Zeiss lens I inherited from my grandfather, and I was transported, mind, body and soul out of my day to day worries of life and into paradise.  

All of my senses seemed to shout -- breathe.  enjoy.  and welcome home.

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