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Independent Study

"This was a fantastic experience. Jordana was friendly and accommodating and crafted a two-day course that was exactly what I wanted to do while I was in Colorado. It was so great to drive around with someone with insider knowledge and she knew the answer to every question that rattled out of my mouth. 12/10 would do again."


On the path to becoming a confident, trained, self-reliant photographer, there are bound to be challenges and pitfalls. Maybe you feel like you finally know how to make your camera do what you want, but you’re not feeling 100% about framing your shots in a unique, compelling way. Or maybe your concerns are just the opposite -- you’ve got the artistry down but the technical aspects confound you. No matter what your photographic challenges are, a little guidance and support can get you back on track to feeling inspired and successful. Independent Study Sessions with Jordana Wright are completely customized and designed to get you through your personal photographic frustrations. Reinvigorate your workflow and the way you approach your subject with one-on-one instruction within the inspiring landscapes of the Colorado Rockies.

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Independent Study Sessions are available in 2-day, 4-day, and Custom Durations, and include:

•  Initial Consultation: Through an in-depth survey and a follow-up phone call, you’ll have the chance to express your photographic frustrations, concerns, and goals.

• Custom Itinerary: Jordana will curate a list of shoots designed to help you improve and meet your unique goals in scenic locations throughout Central Colorado. Each day will include between 6 and 8 hours “in the field time” for photographic excursions and practical instruction.

• All Transportation in Colorado: From your airport transfers to the transit between photographic locations, all transportation is included.

• Park Entrance Fees and Permits

• Workflow and Processing Session: Toward the end of your Independent Study Session, you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your workflow and processing practices, receive customized tips and advice, and learn Jordana’s techniques for recapturing the magic through successful processing.

• Follow-up Video Chat: After you’ve returned home and had time to review all your images, you’ll have a chance to share some of your finished work with Jordana and get actionable feedback on your images. 

Independent Study Sessions do not include:

• Flights to and from Denver, Colorado

• Food and beverages

• Trip Insurance (which is highly recommended)

• Excursions beyond the scope of the agreed-upon itinerary

• Accommodations: Jordana will provide centrally located recommendations on where to stay based on the Custom Itinerary. She will pick you up and drop you off from your accommodations each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the date for my Independent Study?

Once you check out on PayPal, you will be sent to a confirmation page asking for your top three choices of dates. You'll also have the opportunity to address any special requests at that time.

I'm not interested in Landscape Photography, would the Independent Study Session still make sense for me?

Absolutely. Whether you're interested in Architecture, Abstract, Macro, Street Photography, Graffiti, Wildlife Photography, or any number of other topics, Jordana will curate a custom experience to suit your needs.

Are Independent Study Sessions offered year-round?

Yes. Colorado is a four-season destination. The excursion specifics will vary based on season and weather conditions (many high altitude roads close in the colder months) but your excursions will be designed with seasonal opportunities in mind.

How is this different from other Colorado Photography Workshops you offer?

The difference is in the one-on-one attention at every shoot and the customization of the planned shoots. During an Independent Study Session, your needs and education are the focus. This is the opportunity to ask a million questions, practice skills with an advisor on hand, and make big strides in your photography without feeling self-conscious or overwhelmed by the needs of a group.

How do I pack and prepare for my Independent Study Session?

After your official dates are selected, Jordana will consult with you about your photography goals, the type of shots you want to achieve, and the potential locations that would be ideal to visit. When the trip itinerary has been set, you'll receive a suggested packing list. You'll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions ahead of time via email and in your Initial Consultation phone call.

Still have questions?

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