Women's Weekend: Indiana's Turkey Run State Park


$395 per person

March 7 - 8, 2020

May 16 - 17, 2020

Limited to 3 Guest Per Weekend

Join me for a fun and intensive weekend in Indiana's most epic state park, Turkey Run! Enjoy an ultra-intimate workshop with plenty of instruction, lots of natural beauty, and a variety of subjects right in our own backyard.


Areas of focus include:

Into the Woods: Explore the forest from the vastness of the landscape to the smallest details around you. We'll discuss how to create compelling photographs in the most complicated lighting scenarios.

Along Sugar Creek: Practice long exposures and capture reflections on the banks of what should probably be called a river. Utilize the leading lines of Turkey Run's 200 ft long suspension bridge.

Explore the Canyons: Turkey Run is filled with rock canyons and gulches and each is an opportunity to create unique and inspiring photographs in any season!

Group Discussion Time: We'll have plenty of time to review our photos, talk about techniques, and get to know each other, both on the car rides to and from Turkey Run, and at the lodge in the evening.

Your Trip Fee Includes:

All Meals (Lunch, and Dinner on Day 1 and Breakfast and Lunch on Day 2)   -- We'll eat each meal as a group, providing the opportunity to discuss our upcoming activities' challenges and rewards, and things to think about. We will eat in restaurants offering vegetarian options, but please be prepared to let us know about any important dietary restrictions and allergies.

Accommodations in the Park: We'll stay on property for the best access to all Turkey Run has to offer! 

Personalized Photography Instruction -- Jordana will be available to you non-stop for almost 48 hours. Prior to the trip, she'll help you determine your photographic goals and make suggestions to maximize your experience.  In the field, she'll help troubleshoot, point out opportunities, and work with you to achieve your goals, while demonstrating the methods that have been successful for her. After the conclusion of the trip, she'll review your favorite images and offer processing techniques as needed to make great shots fantastic!

Transportation -- We'll travel to Turkey Run together from Chicago with Jordana at the wheel. So pile in the Subaru and let's hit the road!

Your Trip Fee Does Not Include:

Alcoholic Beverages


Incidental Room Charges

To book the trip, we require payment in full. 

No refunds will be offered for participant-initiated cancellations unless your space can be rebooked.  In the unlikely event, we are unable to fill enough spaces to operate the workshop, you will be notified and all payments will be refunded.

We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance to cover your investment in case you are unable to participate.  We are not responsible for any fees or expenses incurred due to participant cancellation.

Accommodations are double occupancy.  We will make every attempt to accommodate single room requests (additional cost), but cannot guarantee availability. At no time will you be required to room with a participant of the opposite sex -- everyone on this trip will be female. 

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